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Agile Squads

Our experienced developers can help you boost your business and its profitability.

Get an agile, cross-functional, and virtual Squad of dedicated experts to boost your in-house tech capability. Our team of tech specialists, proficient in the latest tech and industry-recognized delivery methods, will be carefully selected to meet your specific technology requirements. Our dedicated experts bring together skill, experience, accountability, and customer-centricity in a unique package.

Let’s first see what an Agile Squad is.

Essentially, an Agile Squad is a small, self-directed, and cross-functional team that excels at teamwork and collaboration. As the name suggests, it is based on Agile methodology, which emphasizes individual accountability and action, dedication to completing tasks, customer engagement, and a flexible and iterative process (known as a “sprint”) for completing projects and tasks.

Our IT Agile Squad makes you the process easy.
By working with Code First Lab, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your team while saving time and money; thus fully focusing on what matters most your business!

If you’re looking for more hands and brains to help your business stay on top, then an agile squad is the answer. This team extension will clear up problems, give you more focus, and make it so that you can meet deadlines on time and within budget.

Empower your in-house development team’s capabilities by providing them with a dedicated Agile Squad of expert resources.
Agile Dedicated Teams

Our promise to be the best partner for you:

Unique Talent.

Significant cost-savings.

An easier and more convenient time zone to work with.

A long-term partnership that can weather any storm.

Cultural affinity for a more seamless working relationship.

Excellent value for the services provided.

Transparency and flexibility to handle any changes or requests.

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